Once upon a time a beautiful baby girl named Helaina was born. Upon her arrival Helaina's ma ma set out to find the most beautiful and unique things in the world for her little princess.

Along the way she found many things, some were poorly made and the design fell short of expectations, while others were beautiful but extremely expensive and sometimes didn't function well. In fact it proved to be quite a challenge to find affordable items for little people with the right balance of form and function. You know, the kind you want to show off rather than hide when visitors came around.

She wondered if her's was a unique problem. Conversations with other mums revealed that they too shared similar experiences and so Lil Spaces was born.


Cloud lights

I never thought I would be a parent. It just wasn't for me, so I thought. I was a career girl. Then I met Mitch. The love of my life. One morning as I watched him sleep (in a totally non creepy way) this feeling came over me. I had this overwhelming desire to create a little human with him. A totally unique little being who was half me and half him. He or she would be the embodiment of our love.

My life's trajectory shifted when I became pregnant with Helaina. I just wasn't fully aware of it until after she was born. Around the 12 month mark after the haze of sleep deprivation had lifted, a new desire set root within me.

I wanted to help parents create little spaces for their children that were stylish, inspirational and magical. A place so cool the children never wanted to leave.

A space you wished you had as a child.

Lil Spaces is more than just a kids decor shop. It's a place where we make dreams come alive.

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And this is Helaina, mummy's little helper. She has multiple roles and responsibilities within the Lil Space, the most important being the chief muse and the inspiration behind all Lil Spaces creations. She is also the official cloud light fibre fluffer, product tester, model and official Brand Ambassador.