Hi, I'm Shah. When I'm not building castles from old cardboard boxes with my daughter, building and renovating real castles with my other half, or handcrafting magical cloud lights for my lil customers, you'll find me telling stories and writing children's books.


This is me :)

Shah Bahpyu - cloud lights


In my 20's and early 30's I was all about my career. My sights were set on the corner office with the view. Then when I became pregnant with my daughter my life's trajectory shifted. I just wasn't fully aware of it until after she was born.

Around the 12 month mark, after the haze of sleep deprivation had lifted, I had this burning desire to create. It was similar to the nesting phenomenon but about 10X  stronger. So while still on maternity leave I got together with my cousin and started Lil Spaces.

Today I help parents create stylish, inspirational and magical little spaces for their tiny people. A place so cool the kids never want to leave. A space we wished we had as children.


Shah Bahpyu -  Author

Shah Bahpyu - Author


I love picture books. Especially the beautifully illustrated hardcover picture books. I love the way they look, I love the way they feel, and I love the way they smell. I love them, love them, love them.

In 2017 I decided to write a picture book. I figured I'm always making up stories for my daughter so why not share it with the world. My first book 'The Little Cloud Who Was Afraid of the Dark' comes out in March 2018.



Would you believe it if I told you that I've been bitten by the writing bug? Yup! you better believe it. I've got 3 manuscripts in the works and a notebook full of ideas. You can follow along at if you'd like.





Helaina Petreski

This is my daughter Helaina, mummy's little helper. She's 4. She has multiple roles and responsibilities within our little business, the most important being the chief muse and the inspiration behind all Lil Spaces creations. She is also the official cloud light fibre fluffer, product tester, idea generator and official Lil Spaces Brand Ambassador. If you'd like you can follow her on Instagram @helainapetreski