Check out Lil Spaces in the media. Since launching Lil Spaces in 2014 we have been featured in both online and print media across the country and internationally.


Behind the Brand Feature on Nestling Collective

Feeling warm and fuzzy about our Behind the Brand feature on the beautiful Nestling Collective website.


Etsy Resolution Coach

I was honored to be selected as one of six coaches for the 2017 Australian Etsy Resolution program.


Featured: Canberra Weekly 'Styling for a new arrival' spread

Thank you Canberra Weekly for featuring our Miffy Lamp in your gorgeous nursery styling spread.


Another Buzz Feed feature

Yes, I'm totally serious! The Buzz Feed gods (or editors) have give us much love again and we are so appreciative. Our magical cloud lights are number 15! Check out the article it's some a lot of other super cools stuff.

Featured in Indie Love Magazine

Lil Spaces Featured in Indie Love Magazine


Cloud lights featured on Buzz Feed

So stoked that our cloud lights were featured on Buzz Feed.

Featured in the Canberra Weekly magazine style column.

It's not everyday that you get a half page feature on Canberra Weekly magazine so we are completely over the mood. The Little Peeps Only print, Le sac en papier paper bag, the Playful book and Nadia doll are all from Lil Spaces.

Lil Spaces featured in Canberra Weekly magazine

Story feature in the City News magazine.

Lil Spaces' 'Filling little spaces' feature in the City News magazine.

Our story on Her Canberra.

Lil Spaces story feature 'Serendipity and 'sophistifun' make Lil Spaces shine on Her Canberra blog.

A write up on business blog CEO Blog Nation about how Lil Spaces came up with our business name. Have a read, we are number 13.

A write up on hearpreneur about how Lil Spaces came up with our business name

Featured on, beginners guide to creating a website.

Lil Spaces feature on the awesome blog Interiors Addict.

Our blog post featured on The Stir in 9 Ways to Upcycle Leftover Baby Items.


Featured on Smart Hustle on the topic of innovation.


Our cloud lights featured on holycool.



Our cloud lights featured on The Snug.