I am so excited to share this super cute Street Library Passport with you. You can now keep track of all the little street libraries you visit and the literary treasures you discover. All you have to do is download the PDF file and print the passport on your home printer.

How did the Lil Street Library Passport come about?

My friend Roz and I are obsessed with street libraries so as all passionate and obsessive people do, we started Lil Street Libraries (LSL) in April 2018 (not for profit). LSL is a Facebook Page dedicated to showcasing the street libraries in our home town of Canberra (and Queanbeyan).

As we visit a lot of street libraries we thought ‘wouldn’t it be cool to create something to keep a record of all the LSL we’ve visited?’ The stars aligned a few months ago when our newly retired dear friend Sue Hunter (an amazing illustrator and graphic designer) offered to donate her time and skills to help us with this creative project. Thank you so much Sue for bringing our vision to life. We think it looks amazing.



Printing instructions:

⦁ Print on A4 paper
⦁ Select back to back printing flip on long edge
⦁ Cut in half, fold and staple.

TIP: print the first page on coloured paper to create exciting covers.


Terms of use:

Please read the terms carefully before you download the file. By downloading the file, you’re agreeing to the following terms.

1. The Lil Street Library Passport file is STRICTLY FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. For this use you can print the file as many times as you like, and save the file on your computer.

2. Altering and copying of our designs is not permitted. Only use them by printing them in their original form. Please do not change or redraw our designs.

3. STRICTLY NO COMMERCIAL USE. Any commercial use of our files, designs and printed results without permission is strictly prohibited. Lil Street Libraries can provide limited licenses and permission for certain commercial usage if suitable. Please contact hello@lilspaces with the details if you’re interested.

Examples of commercial use include the following but are not limited to:
  • use as part of commercial events, professionally organised events, paid or unpaid
  • part of paid professional work
  • use in displays in commercial venues such as stores
  • used for commercial editorial and advertising
  • used as free promotional items to help commercial activities
  • use of any part of the design in commercial products.

4. When sharing:

  • do not link to the PDF printable file directly. Please always link to the original web page if you wish to share it with others on your blog or website or with your friends via email or social media
  • do not host the file on your site.

5. Copyright

  • The Lil Street Library Passport including all artwork is ©Lil Street Libraries. All rights reserved.
  • This license is non-exclusive.

Phew! now that all the official stuff is out of the way, download your Lil Street Libraries Passport below and start visiting some street libraries.



Click here to download Lil Street Libraries Passport

Here is a list of all the Lil Street Libraries in Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Don’t live in Canberra? Street Library Australia has you covered with locations of the ones they know of across Australia.


Don't live in Australia? Well in that case you'll want to check out the Little Free Library world map.


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