What do you do with your kid's old clothes when they grow out of them?

Most people either give them away or throw them out. They might keep a few of the favourites in a box which ends up at the back of the closet.

Why not upcycle your baby's clothes into a cute toy pillow they can play with and cuddle. For me the sentimental value is priceless.

To create these cuties you will need:

  • A singlet and a pair of tights (size 0000 - 00 works best )
  • Fibre fill
  • Cotton thread in same colors as the singlet and tights
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Dinner plate
  • Pins


Grab a singlet top and long pants with a cute pattern.


Get a dinner plate, put it over the singlet at the spot you want to cut, draw a pencil line right across and cut along the line. Cut the legs off the pants.


Either hand or machine sew all the way along the top of the singlet and turn it inside out so the seam is inside.

Turn the legs inside out and draw a straight line down one side so the width is even at the top and bottom.  Cut off the excess and sew down the side and the bottom to make a pocket. Then turn it inside out to reveal the good side.


Stuff the singlet and legs with fibre fill. Don't over fill the singlet or it will look like a big round ball. It's supposed to be a toy pillow so you want it maintain its form.
Note: I like to use corn fibre fill as it is 100% natural and eco friendly.


Fold in the bottom of the singlet and pin. Position the legs evenly and pin to the bottom folded part of the singlet.


Hand stitch to close it all up. You could use a sewing machine but I prefer hand stitching here as it gives me more control.


Cut out felt to make eyes, a nose and a mouth and glue them onto the pillow to make a face. I use a hot glue gun to get the job done.

By the way you don't have to stick to a traditional face, it could be an abstract face or it doesn't even have to be a face. If you want you could add trims. There are no rules here so get creative and go nuts! Just remember not to use buttons or beads if your little one is at the age where they are still putting things in their mouth as it could be a choking hazard.


That's it! Easy No?

Here is a PDF down load with the step by step instructions for your convenience. Please read our PDF download terms and conditions before you download.



Over to you. Thoughts?

Until next time.....


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  • Posted On March 24, 2016 by Phoenix

    That’s adorable! I love the idea of not throwing your favorite outfit away and turning it into something new :)

  • Posted On April 19, 2015 by Shah

    Hey Lisa, I don’t think I can handle anything too ambitious like a full quite though it would be lovely.

    YouTube is an awesome resource for tutorials so I’m sure there would be wonderful quilt making vids. I’d love to see it when you get around to making it.

  • Posted On April 19, 2015 by Shah

    Love to see it is when you finish the project Carly :) Shah

  • Posted On April 01, 2015 by Lisa Wood {New Life on the Road}

    Oh how sweet is this baby cute pillow from baby clothes – I have a whole plastic container full of “Good Baby Clothes” from our five boys – one day I will make a quilt for our bed out of it :)
    Mind you I am not sure how to sew it together so that should be interesting!!!

  • Posted On March 07, 2015 by Carly

    I’ll definitely be trying this, what a great idea to continue to use then clothes I loved that the little miss has outgrown!

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